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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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whole group. trip advisor. there may be more consolidation. [closing bell ringing] >> charles barkley. david: this is fun day for traders. seen more spectacular rallies. more triple digits on the dow. well into the green. start at very bottom. the russell 2000. that is about a one .25% gain on the russell. small and mid-sized stocks doing just as well as big guys. dow jones industrial up 106. looks like we'll not be breaking any records. very close to it. only two or three points away on the s&p 500. but not beating some records, individual stocks are beating records. we have apple. we have home depot. we have a number of stocks hitting all-time highs today. very big day on the market. "after the bell," starts right now.
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liz: david, trip advisor, up 22%. it is not even part of the orbitz deal. amazing to see that space. get into today's action. fort pitt capital's tony smith. charlie will tell you why he thinks s&p, we're not too far, 2100. tanglewood wealth management john merrill has three low-cost ways to maximize your returns so you don't have everything eaten up by the fees. and alan knuckman at cme. we begin with you. the market completely shrugged off a very bad retail sales number for the month of january and took the ball and ran off with it. >> more money, more momentum. we're almost there. push them up 2100. target 2200 on s&p. 5% higher. big mover today for me was the vix, breaking down below 16. the vix has been trading in a wedge where we've seen series of
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higher lows and lower highs for last couple weeks. this breakout to the upside look for more upside to stocks. david: charlie smith, as liz said, target for 2013, excuse me, 2013. i'm two years behind, 2015, is 2100. we're only 12 points away. you want to revise that the all based on what is happening? >> we start to see some deterioration in 2015 earnings estimates mostly because of the energy space but we're looking for a is 23 number for s&p 500 earnings this year, 17 multiple on that gets you right where we are right now. we do have cyclical bias in our portfolios. david: you think we'll drift from here on out rest of the year? >> i really do. i think we're not going to see strong enough broad-based earnings growth to push things up. the risk i think p-e ratios expand another point or two and we could get to maybe 2300 on the s&p but we do have a
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cyclical bias in the portfolios. we want to own businesses that are linked to a stronger economy which we're seeing. liz: hold on, cheryl casone has cbs earnings. how did cbs do, cheryl? >> we have cbs. first entertainment company from 2014. beat by a penny earnings per share. came in at 77 cents. revenue a little bit after beat. came in 3.68 billion on the revenue side. one thing i want to say, advertising revenue which of course is the bread and butter of any media company is kind of flat year-over-year. that is affecting the stock. they had $21 million in foreign exchange losses. that is probably the thing affecting these numbers not coming in as solid as they might have been. prime time division of cbs, the broadcast network is doing very well. numbers affect frankly with currency loss. happening with a lot of companies. liz: cheryl, thank you very much. let me take you to john merrill. i don't need you to comment
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specifically on cbs but makes more than 25 decently sized s&p 500 companies a strong u.s. dollar as a problem for them. i guess they didn't know how to hedge. some companies figure it out. yahoo! knows how to hedge. talk to me how people should be picking stocks in light of a strong dollar right now? >> you're right. i think the fourth quarter was just sort of the beginning, probably available impact and stronger dollar and lower energy prices will be more in the first quarter and first half of this year, than it was in the fourth quarter. so, those that didn't do very good job in the fourth quarter will probably not do that great of a job ahead. when it tells me is, i'm a believer in asset allocation. and so, the, what, effect of the strong dollar was to boost up u.s. stocks because of demand from the people abroad bringing their dollars here. but it is really putting u.s. stocks, kind of a high point.
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has left foreign stocks, relatively low point. so if you're a believer in asset allocation, this is a great time to buy low, sell high. sell a little bit of your u.s. stocks. buy a little bit of foreign stocks, both asia and europe. rebalance your portfolio. i think that is the best way to take the dollar and the stock market into consideration. david: i'll tell you one stock that may do well with the strong dollar. that is alibaba, alan. alibaba sell as lot of stuff selling relatively cheap in the market. a lot of it is priced in foreign currency. alibaba making a move today, maybe time to get in, no? >> looks like maybe finding some support at 85. 85 is the midpoint of range from way back when. traded between 90 and 80 a number of weeks. it traced all way back down. to get back down to buying distressed stock this stock is more than 30% off its highs t
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could easily run back to 100. from a risk/reward standpoint alibaba could start to play the game and resume this overall social media and internet trend that is continuing to move higher and higher. >> charlie probably thinks, alibaba forget it. i will take boeing. in fact you are. you're picking a very longstanding industrial here, along with honeywell, again another industrial, ticker symbol. hon. then you throw xilinx in there. what is bringing all the names together sparkling enough for you to say these should be in a portfolio? >> again part of our cyclical bias in the portfolios moving away from defensives, you know, the stronger dollar, is really not hurting boeing at all. they have hedged it really well. they're, demand for both the 737 and the 787 and their production rates are rising quite rapidly. they have more than 5000 airplanes in backlog. they have terrific earnings visibility and honeywell is riding behind them in the avionics area.
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we like the aerospace segment. xilinx is beaten up semiconductor name just begun to rally last couple weeks. we think they're positions s.e. well as the lte buildout happens in china. david: you're there in houston. a lot of companies are suffering mightily because of the lower oil prices that we have now, some of the wells are being capped. some businesses are going bankrupt. what do you think the overall effect will be on economy? a lot of people said so many positives from low oil prices because consumer will have extra money. we saw from retail figures today, it hasn't been that helpful on retail. i'm wondering how much more hurtful it will be in the overall economy? >> i'm with you. the i think, ill effects have been discounted. just as, a fact that was in yesterday's "wall street journal," you know, of all the office development, office buildings, being built in america today, 1/6 of them are
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being built in houston. that gives you idea of last, two, threers years, what a dynamic part of our economy energy has been and when you have something that changes that radically that was maybe your star of your economy, i think that you need to really kind of pay attention what effects ripple effects that will have go through our economy. i definitely, certainly here in houston, everybody you talk with is revising business plans, looking at things, freezing wages, cutting bonuses. you know, energy is only 10% of the s&p but, of cap-ex it was closer to a third. so i think -- liz: is that why you're picking i-shares russell 3,000 index instead of an s&p index? >> yeah. a broader base. mentioned it earlier, with russell 3,000 you're getting the whole u.s. market. bigger companies certainly have more foreign earnings.
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smaller companies are more domestic. one way the small caps lagged the large caps last year. another way of rebalancing your portfolio. very inexpensively. david: hey, alan, a lot of people still interested in gold. they see it slipping way down. time to buy in there? >> well i'm easing into it. 1215 level is the mid point of the december lows to these recent highs. i think here at these levels as the dollar backs off that could be a positive. but if you look at correlations, there had been between energy, between crude oil and bold, look for that to get connected again. you can see how crude is maintaining above the 50 level. if crude takes out 54 there could be another round of short-covering and that helps all assets and resources here on commodity side. liz: we're at 51.25 for crude. david: great stuff, guys. liz: john merrill, alan muck man. see you if a few minutes when the s&p futures close. david: sooner or later he says
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italy will default. will their pain hit our markets? liz: while coke stumbles, one company bubbling up sales and poise the to become the next billion dollar beverage brand with a little help from an nba star named kevin durant. the ceo joining us next. david: and renters, are taking over major cities as homeownership bee gains to -- begins to decline a little. could all this hurt the housing market? barry habib is here to tell juice speaking of housing we'll give you a exact formula to see if refinance something for you. david: a great little formula. grab a pencil and paper and take this down. ♪ the future of the market is never clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. our experience is one reason 100% of our retirement funds
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david: groupon reporting earnings just a couple minutes ago. liz: let's head back to nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange with the numbers. >> let's take a look here. first earnings per share coming in at six cents, beating three cent estimate. so that is good news. revenue coming at 9.25.4, versus 9.38 billion. also good news. right now the stock is actually
4:15 pm
looking better. i saw moments ago, it had moved to session lows and selling off. i do see it here with the bid ask actually higher. that being said a couple points i wanted to make, they did see that the first-quarter earnings per share was going to come in light, down two cents versus estimates of three cents. so that didn't sound so great. it is worth noting too, r how many customers they had by end of decent, 53.9 million customers were clocked in as of december 31st for groupon. we know groupon makes deals online for merchants and customers, daily deals and the like. looks like people are looking at current news a little more than the forward-looking news. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're looking at kraft. earnings came out. cheryl has those numbers. cheryl. >> a lot of news coming out on kraft, liz. let's get to earnings per share. a big adjustment. crunching number. adjusted number is at 75. revenue they beat. revenue coming in at
4:16 pm
4.7 billion. estimate was 4.63 billion a big management shake-up at kraft tell you about. commodity hedges as well, that was reason for rough fourth quarter results. they have an interim cmo, marketing change. financial chief of the company leaving number word who will be the new cfo. they're not appointing one. against a major management changes at kraft, in particular the company also saying that overall they did not meet the potential that they wished to meet in 2014, a big piece of that of course, you have to imagine, liz, commodity costs going up. this is a food company. they got badly hit with that. a lot of management shifting at kraft. still digging through all of it now. david: good stuff. buyers beware, renters are taking over. nine of the 11 major cities in the u.s., there are more renters than homebuyers. could this hurt the housing market? >> let's ask barry habib, nbs
4:17 pm
founder and ceo. he has answers but brought along for determining whether it is time for people to refi as homeowners. maybe can get a better deal but maybe they can't. let's first talk about renters versus buyers. when you start to see the balance tip in favor of more renters versus home piers, how should we interpret that if -- buyers. >> it always comes down to the area. one of the nice things of having a lot of renters, you have a lot of people that can support continued buying in housing. homeownership got upwards 69 to 70%, it was tipping point when the market turned the other way, when the housing bubble became kind of evident. liz: you don't see anything worrisome that the fact that there are more renters than buyers now? >> in my opinion that will change as rents continue to grow. a lot of pressure on rents. 4%, 5%, 7% in some metro areas where there is high concentration. people wake up. liz: might as well buy.
4:18 pm
>> that opportunities will shift. david: barry a lot of people see opportunities in refinance. i brought my little calculator. you have a formula. i had to use my calculator to figure it out, whether or not i should refinance based on my mortgage and interest rates. >> yes. david: tell us how it work. >> sometimes there is costs involved when you have to refinance. there are opportunities to do no closing costs mortgages. by and large most people pay some closing costs. at what rate does it make sense? a lot depends on mortgage amount, balance you have. a simple way to calculate it, take 125,000, that is number you use, take your mortgage amount and divide it into 125,000. liz: why 125,000? >> correct. if your loan amount were 2 a thousand, take two 50 into 125. that is a half. half a percent drop in rates, refinance. if your loan amount were say 50,000, that would be 2 1/2. you would need 2 1/2 percent drop if your loan were
4:19 pm
$50,000 before considering refinancing. david: bigger mortgage, less of a difference causes you to refinance. >> exactly. great rule of thumb for individuals to take a look at. quickly determine, should i be at least considering refinance especially anybody taken out a mortgage in the past couple of years. maybe in a position to at least examine it. rates are terrific. they have come down quite a bit. david: great stuff. liz: jumbo loan, 30-year, what are the rates out there. >> probably a neighborhood a tad under 4%. right in that range with zero points. liz: people constantly chasing lower rates. if they maybe got in at four and 3.91 right now,. >> probably not going to make sense for you. there are some costs. one of caveats, folks live in new york, live in florida, higher closing cost. you need a bigger spread. liz: transfer fees. >> use 175 instead of 125. david: the biggesting game of the week where are interest rates going. 10-year interest rate, bellwether interest rate.
4:20 pm
last time you were here we not only say this to give you kudos because you deserve it, you said oil is at 55 a barrel. about where it is. if you say oil stays at about 55 a barrel -- >> or comes down. david: 10 year interest rates, 2.13. they come down half a percentage point. guess what happened. >> did that exactly on january. david: you nailed it. >> thank you. david: hold on, hold on. give us prediction where they will go from here? >> i do think oil prices will come backhoer. they have gone up a little bit. there is pressure on oil to come down. i think pressures the stock market a little it about. we'll see money come into the bond market. there is big currency play shows us seeing more money come into the bond market. david: people are buying more bonds. interest rate will come down even further to what. >> wouldn't surprise me? below 1.50 in january. liz: what if the fed starts tightening rates in minuscule way, what happens to mortgage rates? >> here is interesting thing. i think mortgage rates are in
4:21 pm
no-loose situation. i don't think the fed will tight en, my prediction, can't given circumstances we're in. however if they do so, if it put as little pressure on stock market, we see it historically, people forget it because so long since rate hikes. mortgage rates drop. pressures of the stock market, money comes out of stocks goes into bonds of the you will ski at least temporarily a drop in mortgage rates. may give you opportunity. david: guy who nailed it mid-december, nailed it on interest rates, oil goes down a little bit, 10-year rates at is .50? >> maybe less. -- 1.50. david: barry habib. >> could be looking at throw 3s mortgage rates. david: good news. liz: taking on the fizzling soda business. what is behind the company's incredible sales growth? we're talking to the ceo next. david: and a group of senators fighting to permanently ban the government from taxing the
4:22 pm
internet. wouldn't that be nice? this is the fcc pushes for more regulation and taxes of the internet. who is going to win? we'll talk about that with our panel? liz: ex-sony chief amy pascal speaking up for first time since the hack attack. many are criticizing her comments about some celebrities. >> bottomless pits indeed. >> bottomless pits of need. >> never seen anyone lying it. liz: the whole story, what she says next may surprise you.
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liz: drinking as much soda as you used to? no. because soda sales are falling flat in the u.s. sparkling ice sales are bubbling up. with the help of nba mvp kevin
4:27 pm
durant, sparkling ice is next bill dollar beverage brand much how is sparkling ice taking share of some of the biggest beverage sales, this has not been a fight for easy fight for you guys, has it. >> no it hasn't. rapid journey and challenging with the marketplace very competitive. liz: competitive. you guys are coming out saying all bold, we'll be a billion dollar brand by what, 2018? >> we've done studies. number one consume we're bringing in diet soda drinker. number two is the regular soda drinker. imagine the scope of that realm, a small share of that is significant number. liz: for people who don't know what sparkling ice is, zero calories, sugared by basically splenda? >> splenda. liz: you come in many, many different flavors? >> the number one thing is taste. consumers are leaving cola. there has not been a whole lot
4:28 pm
of innovation in cash bow nated space. there is variety of flavors. you can use it in cooking and flavorful drinks. liz: in 2010, you had $10 million in sales. that is folks, tiny in that industry. last year, 392 million in sales. somebody in your sales department needs a big pat on the back. how are you getting on everybody's shelf? shelf space is the hardest thing to get, kevin? >> consumers are shifts over so rapidly, the velocity of this product are so fast, retailers are finding it is important part of their portfolio now. so it is one of the fastest moving beverages in the beverage aisle. so it make as pretty easy sell. liz: what was a big win for you? i know you're in kroger, you're into publix. >> the first launch into kroger was biggest. once consumer buys and show scans through and public data than telling our own story supported what we were saying,
4:29 pm
it snowballed. liz: look, i'm thinking of vitamin water. they got snapped up by coke. is there a chance you would be open to being bought by a bigger name dying to get in on your potential success? >> as ceo i also owe it to our shareholders to, bring them any offer that comes but right now we're having fun. as you can see we're doing very well, in a very challenging space. liz: he is not one of your shareholders but brand ambassador, kevin durant has his own orange mango flavor. by those who don't know, nba weekend for all-stars. big concert, helping to sponsor it with kanye? >> we're one of the premier sponsors for the kanye west concert. kevin is emceeing. he had couple days off. madison square park, first of its kind, 10,000 people in for free concert. liz: kanye is performing, right? >> yes. liz: crazy. do you have a special space carved out? it can get crazy. >> it can be crazy and star-studded event. it should be a lot of fun.
4:30 pm
liz: with all the flavors what is the next big flavor before you go? >> we just launched tea. we have three flavors of tea. lemon, peach, raspberry. lemon tea is my favorite. putting us into a different space in the store, allowing us to grab more share more quickly. >> may get a call from kokal la. you need a little boost. >> thanks for having me on. liz: kevin clock, talking rain beverage company ceo. have some of this with me. david: okay. i will. i will. i love that stuff. has the federal reserve add ad mandate to keep wall street happy? is the new mandate coming at the expense of all you folks out on main street? we'll debate that. markets continue to who haver near all-time highs is it time to cash in your chips? we have a panelist that says that is the worst thing you can do now. we'll head to the auto show for the new luxury ram pickup truck. that's right, there is a luxury pickup truck we'll show you.
4:31 pm
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. david: with the dow just tickling up against 18,000, individual stocks like home depot, disany, apple at record highs, now might seem to be perfect time to cash out, take a little breather but not everybody agrees with. that let's bring in our panel. rich carl guard, "forbes"
4:35 pm
publisher and columnist, jeff reeves, and our own adam shapiro. jeff, is it time to cash? >> i mean i don't think so. i love this market. if you want me to give you reasons i love the market, let me count the ways. we're almost at all-time highs on s&p. job numbers were killer. housing continues to improve even if the pace isn't as good as it used to be. oil prices are low. we have lack of alternatives because china and europe kind of stink. i could go on until the hour is is up. i think there is a lot of reasons to be bullish. let's not forget the market went downward beginning of last year, in january we saw 4% correction. we figured up double digits entire. we could finish a lot higher. david: rich, old adage you sell high, high as just about ever been right now. plus you have all the problems over in europe and china and everything else. wouldn't it be great just to count your profits right now and cash out? >> you know, you might trim a little off. i did a couple of months ago and
4:36 pm
pay off a mortgage and, earnings growth are slowing. i think market will be likely flat for the rest of the year but i don't think we're in for any big decline. so, very hard to time the market. so generally speaking i think you should stay in. i agree with jeff. david: adam? >> i would say that maybe you can get out and put your money in europe will of the qe about to take place. david: that is good suggestion. >> earnings and revenue growth are expected to fall in q1, 2015, q2, 2015, year-over-year. this might be a time to maybe shift assets to europe. david: we'll shift our discussion a little bit but staying on wall street for a moment, wall street clearly loves what the federal reserve has been doing over the past four years but is the fed favoring wall street investors over main street savers? rich karlgaard, what do you think? >> yes, they are. it is a bank shot. that is not their original intent. they are of the belief that if they raise interest rates it
4:37 pm
will slow fragile recovery and they keep them low. because they keep them low makes stocks attractive to other investments particularly bonds. david: richard fisher, retiring, on our air this week, suggesting various ways how to change that balance more in favor of main street. do you think he is on to something. >> well, first of all he is the smartest man i ever met. so i'm not going to disagree with him. i would say if you want to give more balance main street, give san francisco federal reserve bank some kind of enhanced powers. all about liquidity and money is what greased the system and center of that is new york. david: jeff, that is one of the things richard fisher says, right away the head of new york fed has enormous power no matter who is in power. seems to be weighted in favor of wall street, no? >> i mean yes and no. i do think it is important to acknowledge at least the fact that mr. fisher kind of been the most hawkish and outspoken member of the fed for a long time. david: hold on a second because this is something, even
4:38 pm
jon hilsenrath from "the wall street journal" who is good friend of members of the fed said this is so. this is kind of a new mandate ever since qe started look with extra special care what wall street is doing. >> i mean i don't necessarily think the fed cares too much about wall street. i'm not going to act like they don't care there. is huge effort of transparency for fed. i think the fed has gone too far with the press conferences and circus around it. i think investtores and public should be careful what they wish for with some of this. i'm not of the mind we should audit the fed or make them politically accountable or anything like that. i think we need to be careful of they wish for. i think outspoken member of the fed getting parting shots. david: bottom line, rich, not just richard fisher who is saying that. a lot of other people are in fact savers are being hurt at the expense of wall street. >> well, savers should be, they should be investing in etfs is all i can say. play them as they lie. david: you can't fight the market. coming up next, our panel.
4:39 pm
is italy next in line for possible default? should you prepare for new internet taxes. later this year. i hope not, liz. liz: automakers breaking out all the stops. we'll look at latest and greatest from chevy and more. aid, adrian grenier. is here. one of the rarest collections of bugs from around the world. believe it or not, worth five million dollars. you can not miss this story tonight on "strange inheritance," right here on fox business, 9:00 p.m. eastern. ♪
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4:44 pm
one very prominent italian said what is happening in greece today will be happening in italy tomorrow. sooner or later default is coming. >> i think he is right, whoever said it. look it, spain with 25% of unemployment, how do you dig your way out of this? the spanish economy is performing better but if you're the government of the spain telling people it is performing better, telling people unemployed, doesn't do much good. david: rich, if there is default over there how could it not affect our markets here, particularly banks? because they're just not that big. they're not big enough. david: italy is not that big? number one. italy and spain are pretty big. >> they're not that big. number two, this information is already embedded into market prices. david: jeff, what do you think? >> i do agree with the notion that the economies aren't that big and embedded in market prices but what i think people might be missing here this is essentially negotiation between a borrower and lender. italy is right what happens with
4:45 pm
greece will happen with it. what is happening very publicly amidst elections. these governments negotiating whether they get 10 cents on dollar or 99 cents on the dollar. that is playing on in public way. behind closed doors people will do what they have to do to avoid default. >> since when do politicians do what they have to do? politicians will cater to their constituents. >> fair point. >> leaving would be worse for them and make the short term decision and cater 25% unemployment. david: and put it off and off. last week the president's man at ftc was making the case to regulate the internet. this week congress is answering with a measure to ban internet taxes forever. who will win, jeff? >> am going to talk to my own self-interest. is an internet company. media is so about technology. we don't need anymore burdens than we do now. i agree with some taxes but this
4:46 pm
is the wrong tax. bigger picture, there are so many costs driven downstream to most consumers. internet there is big connection between how much connect tivity you have and what your net worth is. we don't need to price more consumers out of the market adding more taxes. if anything we need to make the internet more accessible to businesses and consumers and i don't think it does that. david: rich, if the president gets his way, if the ftc would regulate the internet in the way they want to regulate the internet, they would be able to impose more taxes and impose price controls. isn't it better to go the no tax route? >> i think so. if you're a little book shop and look at amazon maybe you have a different point of view on this and i have some sympathy on that. last thing u.s. economy needs and last most dynamic sector the internet needs higher tax burden. my goodness, higher regulatory burdens? what is this administration thinking. david: adam? >> not talking about sales tax but access to internet. it is a bad idea.
4:47 pm
david: have one tax and you have a whole bunch new ones come up. >> here is how you play out. local governments throughout the 50 united states see potential gold here by being able to initiate whatever taxes they want. you need to stop that. an at end of the day, internet companies have a lot more money than local governments to lobby, and buy the vote. they will buy the vote in congress. tax will not take place. law is renewed and won't be ability. david: rich karlgaard, is silicon valley of two minds on this issue? >> no, silicon valley is pro-internet and, silicon valley can be as hypocritical as any other place in the country but i think they're on side of angels on this one. david: rich karlgaard, see on "forbes on fox" every saturday at 11:00 a.m. on fox news channel. you don't want to miss that show. thank you, everybody. appreciate it. liz? liz: david, ex-sony executive amy pascal speaking for the first time following the massive hack attack that led to her departure of because of all emails that have been revealed,
4:48 pm
she had headline-grabbing words to say specifically about celebrities but they weren't all bad. >> they are bottomless pits of need. >> bottomless pits of need. >> never seen anything like it. >> you have to wrap it up. >> you have to really tell them-- >> but they're so great. because they are this magical thing that know one else can be. you know, and they, they are, it is a duality of both things. they're filled with, with need to be loved, and to be great but that is because they're magical. >> david, i think you're magical. david: oh, thank you. you too. we're all magical. >> amy also addressed the issue why women in hollywood including those at sony paid less. >> i run a business. people want to work for less money, i will pay them less money. i don't call them up and say can i give you some more? that is not what you do when you run a business. the truth is, what women have to do, is, not work for less money.
4:49 pm
they have to walk away. >> that of course was in response to why jennifer lawrence is paid less than male coworkers on some movies done by sony. david: interesting their perspective on themselves, people in the movie business. it is all magical. all magical. except when you read emails you start seeing down-to-earth stuff. if you're looking to start your own business, listen up. host of bar rescue, jon taffer, giving us his three secrets for success. liz: jeff flock live at chicago auto show where some of oldest brands are sporting new, sleek looks, jeff. >> i'm actually here with unof the car models, those hot car models? yes, in just a short time ago unveiled the new police interceptor. what did you think of that? >> [dog barking] >> when we come back.
4:50 pm
i'd rather do anything else than sit at a dealership.
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
can. liz: the dog barked on cue. david: which was perfect. perfect. >> he is at auto show. auto giants revving engines at auto show, with new concepts and designs and dogs to go with them. electric powered vehicles taking stage. david: jeff flock, you are a dog whisperer.
4:54 pm
>> yeah. this is one of them. this is the best-selling police car vehicle now in america. i have the executive editor of joe, they sell more of these than anything else. this is the new version. >> yeah. seems like, police concerns around the country are moving more towards suvs, especially the old crown vic has been retired. >> this isn't the headline of the show. i think headline chevy bolt, bolt with a. about, they will make it now. we have pictures from the detroit show. they didn't actually bring it which surprised me. >> they didn't bring the concept. it fills gap between electric cars are affordable and go up 100 miles and ones that are 70 to $100,000 that go 200 miles. the bolt is supposed to cost somewhere around 30 and go 200 miles. that should really challenge that notion that people don't want these cars because they don't go far enough. >> potential tesla fighter as we reported earlier. ram, with a fancy truck, a lot of people taking it upscale.
4:55 pm
this is like a luxury ram truck, right? >> you would think that people don't want their pickup trucks to be belle dressed like that but they do. they sell very well. i have to give credit to ram for having nice base model as well. that isn't always the case. >> honda pilot, you guys remember the old honda pilot. very boxy, looks like a refrigerator a little bit. not the new one. >> finally made it look good. much more stylish and very roomy. this is a big seller and why a good introduction to have here in chicago. >> i want to book end the electrics with kia, something they unveiled today, kia did. it is off-road, what the hell do you call the thing? >> kind of a hybrid. it has gas power in the front and electric in the year with all-wheel drive. you can add four-wheel drive without all the extra hardware. we'll see some more of it. there are some cars that have more of it now. you can get four-wheel drive
4:56 pm
without larding it up with too much weight. >> appreciate it. give you one last look at the dog. look how well based. this is actual police dog. she unveiled the interceptor today. there she is. keegan, police dog and human friend emily. there you go. david: what a wonderful -- liz wants to know about the dog. i want to know which one you liked? which was your favorite? >> that ram, sexy ram, i don't do as much work as i used to. i could wear a tuxedo in that ram truck. david: should tell everybody, jeff left the television business went into focusing on fixing things up with your home and other people's home. he knows what he is talking about. i'm sure you would love one of those trucks. >> i may be too old now. fancy trucks. david: never too old. liz: we still like the dog that barked on cue. that wearing of "50 shades of grey" outfit. david: oh, liz, you brought it down to "50 shades of grey"? >> not sure where she is going with that one. liz: look at that.
4:57 pm
david: jeff flock, we'll let you go. thank you very much. >> okay. see you guys. liz: earlier today, maria bartiromo spoke with tough guy bar consultant and bar rescue host, such a cool show, john taffer on advise for those looking to get into the bar and restaurant industry part of our fox business rewind. >> go into the business because you love the business, not because you love food and beverage. you have to love the business. second, build it for your customer, not yourself. no your demographics, know your marketplace, build it for yourself. third you will laugh, if you don't have a lot of experience you better have a thick checkbook to cover your mistakes. >> we're doing kickstarter campaign to make the film about lonely whale but also fund a scientific quest, an expedition to try to figure out why whales are changing their calls. u.s. navy have, microphones in the ocean and they're listening constantly to the ocean and scientists are able to take that data and they have been able to
4:58 pm
deduce that this loan call, this 52 hertz is in fact a whale. david: he was in the prada movie. >> devil wears braked today. david: we saw that last week. liz: yeah. david: catch all of today's interviews on time for number one thing to watch. we'll bring back jeff reeves, editor. jeff, what have you got for us? >> i watch one thing tomorrow, s&p. we're three points away from another all-time high. we have big stocks in the s&p like apple and cisco, also up against all-time high. could see people in hockey masks and machetes. could be downhill. david: hockey masks and machetes? >> friday the 13th, right? it will be great. i think it will be a catalyst for us higher rest of the year. call me crazy i think it will be good from here on out. liz: jeff, we had one of our stock-pickers at top, my s&p forecast for entire year is 2100.
4:59 pm
we're barely, so close to that. david: 12 points away. liz: are you thinking for the year it will be a lot higher? >> i mean i wouldn't say a lot higher. 22 is probably logical. forecast tend to be revised a lot, a lot. goldman makes forecasts at beginning of the year. revises them up or down a ton. i don't think we get to 22, but based on fundamentals i think it is all uphill from here. david: jeff what areas are you looking at? nasdaq and tech stocks do extremely well. some people go in for energy stocks, thinking some are beaten down to the point where they're real bargains? >> i think there are bargains to be had in energy, not to take up too much time. i think tech has opportunity for a lot of people, particularly cybersecurity. i like cybersecurity stocks like palo alto. they're well-capitalized. a billion bucks a piece on balance sheet and zero debt. they're profitable where some companies like fireeye are not.
5:00 pm
if you're discerning investor get into cybersecurity. we'll see more things like sony hacking, target data breach. david: jeff reeves, that assault time we have. thank you, jeff. good stuff. liz: "the willis report" is next. >> hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report, the show where consumers are our business. unite the airlines refuses to honor ultralow ticket prices after computer glitch. >> i say united should have left those fares stand. take people to europe for 70 buck. >> we'll show you how united might be forced to honor those tickets. one of the worst tax seasons ever, longer forms, even longer delays. now fraudsters stealing tax refunds. >> once they have got the social security number that is key into the system to steal whatever they can steal. stunning new warning from the head of turbotax about the irs. price of your home i


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